Project 778: Provete, D.B., Melo, L. S. O., Gomes, F. B.R., Garey, M.V., Martins, I.A., and Rossa-Feres, D.C. 2013. Larvae of Proceratophrys melanopogon (Amphibia: Anura), with Emphasis on Internal Oral Morphology and Comparisons with P. Cururu and P. Moratoi. Herpetologica. 69 (2):163-174.
Specimen: Proceratophrys moratoi (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/JJ:30)


Introduction: We describe the tadpole of Proceratophrys melanopogon from the highlands of the Serra da Bocaina, São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil. We also describe the larval internal oral features of P. melanopogon, P. cururu, and P. moratoi, providing an extensive review of the larval internal oral features of the genus. Results: The external morphology of tadpoles of P. melanopogon is very similar to P. boiei, a closely related species. The internal oral features are very conserved in this genus, with the majority of species having lingual papillae unusually bifurcated, four infralabial papillae, and a transverse ridge on the prenarial arena.
Conclusions: Our results contribute to the understanding of the relationships within the genus Proceratophrys and may also help in further studies about the relationships between Proceratophrys and Odontophrynus.

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