Project 67: Liu, X. Y., and D. Yang. 2006. Revision of the fishfly genus Ctenochauliodes van der Weele (Megaloptera, Corydalidae). Zoologica Scripta. 35 (5):473-490.
Specimen: Ctenochauliodes elongatus (CAU/EM:3)
View: Ctenochauliodes elongatus Liu & Yang, holotype male


The first taxonomic revision and phylogenetic analysis of the Oriental fishfly genus Ctenochauliodes Weele, 1909 is presented. Except for C. punctulatus where the male is unknown, all species of Ctenochauliodes and two outgroups (Archichauliodes chilensis Kimmins and Protochauliodes bullocki Flint) were scored for 24 adult morphological characters, of which 21 characters were obtained from the male genitalia. The monophyly of Ctenochauliodes is corroborated by a series of synapomorphic characters. The pectinate female antenna was proposed as a diagnostic character. Two main clades within Ctenochauliodes were found based on the present phylogenetic analysis. All 12 Ctenochauliodes species are keyed, described, and illustrated, with five species new to science. Ctenochauliodes forcipatus Kimmins is a junior synonym of C. friedrichi Navás, and C. moganshanus Yang & Yang is a junior synonym of C. griseus Yang & Yang. All Ctenochauliodes species were recorded from southern China, including 11 endemic species. Hence, there is no doubt that southern China should be acknowledged as the distribution centre of Ctenochauliodes.

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